Key Questions to Ask Any Coach

Five Important Coaching Interview Questions

Coaching Questions

  1. How long have you been coaching?
    • Avoid any coach with less than 2 years experience (unless they are coaching you for free)
  2. What is your coaching model?
    • Each of the hundreds of zany, sketchy certifications that plague the coaching field has a zany, sketchy coaching model. See for yourself by searching Google for Coaching Model or just click here. Trust only a model of human behavior and change that you would find in any College-level Introduction to Psychology Course.
  3. What degrees do you hold?
    • You wouldn't let a doctor who got a weekend certificate from Joe's Medical Specialities perform open heart surgery, would you? You look for their medical degree and a medical license.  You should expect the same from a life coach who is "performing life surgery" on you.  If you are hiring a business coach, look for a coach with an advanced degree in business from a college or university.
  4. Do you have professional malpractice insurance?
    • "Let insurance companies do the vetting for you."  That's what I was told when I was looking for a coach.  Insurance companies are not in the business of losing money by paying claims so they make sure that anyone they ensure is top notch.
  5. Do you have a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account?
    • You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their Internet presence.  Do they have a Facebook Page, Twitter or LinkedIn Company Page?  How often do they post?  You can also tell if the coach you are interested in practices what they preach.

Coach Decision Worksheet

coaching decision

Get the Coach Decision Worksheet to use as a tool to track interviews you have with potential coaches and make a decision on the best coach for you.

You can download the Coach Decision Worksheet here: